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About Text functions

To operate on a text object and based on your requirement, you can use any of these functions

Text python API's

activatetext - Activate the text

appendtext - Append the given text to the existing text

comparetextproperty - Checks the availability of all the given text property

containstextproperty - Checks the availability of one given text property

copytext - Copy text to clipboard

cuttext - Cut the text

deletetext - Deletes the text

enterstring - Genereate keyboard events as if user key-ins

getcharcount - Get the number of characters present in a text field

getcursorposition - Get the current cursor position

gettextproperty - Get the properties of text

gettextvalue - Get the text content

grabfocus - Grab the focus

inserttext - Insert a text in specified location

istextstateenabled - Verify whether the text field is enabled

mouseleftclick - Generate mouse left click event

mouserightclick - Generate mouse right click event

mousemove - Simulate mouse move event

pastetext - Paste the text from clip board to the text area

rightclick - Generate right click event

selecttextbyindexandregion - Select text by index and region

selecttextbyname - Select text by the given name

setcursorposition - Move the cursor position to the specified location

settextvalue - Sets the text value in the text field

verifypartialmatch - Verify whether the given text partially matches with the existing text

verifysettext - Verify whether the given text is same as the text available in the text field

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