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Window functions

About Window functions

Window based functions

Window python API's

getapplist - Get list of accessibility enabled applications

getobjectinfo - Get list of available property classes of an object

getobjectlist - Get list of objects in a window

getobjectproperty - Get a class (label, type) property of an object

getwindowlist - Get current list of window titles in LDTP engine hash table

guiexist - Checks whether a window exist

guitimeout - Modifies the global gui timeout period

objectexist - To check whether a component exist in a given window

objtimeout - Modifies the global object timeout period

onwindowcreate - Register callback function to be called when the specified window is created

removecallback - Remove the registered callback function using onwindowcreate

waittillguiexist - Suspend the operation till the window exist

waittillguinotexist - Suspend the operation till the window quits

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