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Class pstats


<Object> = pstats(<application name>, <time interval>)




This process when run gathers the Memory usage and CPU utilization of all the processes of a particular application at specific time interval.


When this functionality is to be used in a python test script you need to create a new object for pstats class.

The arguments passed while instantiating this class are Application name and Time interval.

As soon as the <Object>.start() method is called in the test script, memory usage and CPU utilization of the application start getting logged into the ldtp log file.

When <Object>.stop is called the thread gathering the information stops.

Refer: http://webcvs.freedesktop.org/ldtp/ldtp/python/ldtputils.py


If I want the resource usage of all processes related to evolution to be logged every 2 seconds, the following statements need to be incorporated in the test script

xstats = pstats ('evolution', 2)

xstats.start ()

<Test Script>



This functionality depends on the pystatgrab (http://www.i-scream.org/pystatgrab/) package. Make sure you have it installed before using this memory and CPU utilization gathering function in your ldtp test scripts.

Subodh Soni <subodhsoni@gmail.com>

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